Corporate and institutional challenges in the life sciences are complex and often unique. They often demand a strategic, multidisciplinary approach incorporating a broad range of experience and expertise not typically found within any single company, senior management team, Board of Directors, or Board of Advisors. The Salutramed Group brings over 75 years of aggregate experience in the biotechnology, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries to every engagement. Our knowledge and experience also include research and academia, clinical medicine, intellectual property, and public and private capital markets.

We have time-tested senior-level executive expertise in strategic planning,  corporate leadership and governance, clinical development, regulatory affairs, public and private financing, mergers and acquisitions, out-licensing and in-licensing, investor relations, public

Our goal is to help each client refine, understand and prioritize its corporate and institutional issues in a strategic context, and to develop a productive, accountable relationship through which to articulate, design, and, where useful, help implement the strategic measures that address those issues.